Some German Genius Stole This Giant, 44-Pound Gold Cookie

We’re not being sarcastic at all when we refer to a thief who stole a 44 lb. gold-plated cookie in Hanover, Germany as a genius. In fact, we have to admire this mystery man for pulling off what appears to be the best food heist we’ve seen thus far.

According to The Daily Meal, the gold cookie was once carried by a bronze sculpture of two youths (who inexplicably also carried an enormous pretzel, but hey, Germany) and served as the signpost for Bahlsen, a prominent German cookie maker.  The freaky thing, though, is that no one has any idea how the cookie could have been stolen: not only does it weigh the size of a small child, it was also suspended nearly 17 feet off the ground, next to a road with 24-hour traffic. Also, it’s a freaking sign. 

The best part, though, is how oblivious everyone was to the theft of this enormous Golden Graham: A worker last reported seeing the giant cookie on January 3rd, but no one reported it missing until last Monday.  Bahlsen misses the cookie so much that they’ll pay  €1,000 for its return, though the cookie itself (a gold-plated copper biscuit) is only worth €100. Something about sentimental value, according to a company spokesman.

Whoever you are, thief, you pulled it off.

[The Daily Meal]

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