167 Diners Fall Ill After Eating At A Wyoming Golden Corral

One case of food poisoning Yelped about won’t necessarily indict a restaurant for life. One hundred and sixty-seven cases of food poisoning, and your restaurant gets shut down for 24 hours.

Of course, the truly shocking news here is that 167 people ate at a budget buffet and steakhouse in Wyoming called The Golden Corral. It’s Wyoming! It’s the land of delicious beefs! Why, citizens? Why? Your cowboy forefathers would be very disappointed. In fact, maybe it’s their ghosts who gave you that wretched norovirus.

Yes, 167 people who ate at the restaurant in question came down with flu-like food poisoning symptoms in the past few days, pointing to norovirus. Thank goodness Marilyn Hagerty wasn’t in town.

The restaurant has since closed for a cleaning, but, somehow, we don’t think a good scrub down is adequate sentencing. Also, the health inspector for the town congratulates the restaurant for making the “difficult decision” to voluntarily close its doors in the report below. Yes, Golden Corral. Thank you for volunteering to not poison people.

[New York Daily News]

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