Gordon Ramsay’s Best Insult Yet: ‘You’re Thimbling Around Like An Old Granny In A Hardware Store’ (VIDEO)

Tip: do not take a drink every time the words “out in one” are spoken in this Hell’s Kitchen clip. For those of you not in the know, much like this poor cheftestant, “out in one” is pro-kitch lingo for “everything swept out of the pan in one, fluid movement.” For example, instead of lifting a dozen seared scallops out of a pan individually, one can master the gesture of giving the pan a jiggle and then sliding them all out at once.

Anthony doesn’t know what “out in one” means, but keeps repeating confirmation on it anyway, so that when he wastes time plating the scallops one by one, Gordon Ramsay fires off the best culinary diss we’ve heard all season. Check out the clip below.

Oh, and for bonus cringe points, go ahead and check out the moment when Zach, after fucking up the Beef Wellington, has to tell Gordon Ramsay that it’s going to be twenty minutes until the next round, because he doesn’t have a backup prepared.

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