Tonight In Food TV: Gordon Ramsay Literally Begs A Hell’s Kitchen Contestant To Go Home

On tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen, the remaining five black-jacketed chef-testants hold a champagne toast in celebration of Robyn’s departure, but their revelry may be in vain after Gordon Ramsay invites a mystery booted chef to rejoin the competition.

Plus, Barbie plots an alliance with Clemenza, but all heart and no talent makes him more of a liability than an asset. (Gordon actually calls his risotto “an insult to Italy.” Why is he such a favorite again?) Not to mention, Barbie’s none too subtle about her ass-kissing, which turns off her competitors even more than they already are.

The night’s abysmal service leaves Gordon spitting such gems as, “We’re cooking like fucking idiots!” and kicking a burner as he demands, “What the fuck is going on?” before dejectedly saying to an out-of-shot victim, “I beg you to go home.”

Yup, sounds like the Top Five Plus One are killing it in Season 10. Check out the clip below.

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