WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Judges American Idol: ‘This Omelet Is S#*t And You’re S#*t’

There are some bad things about being one of FOX’s biggest stars, as Jimmy Kimmel noted to Gordon Ramsay last night, like being cut out of NBC’s coverage of the London Olympics just because. But there are some good things about all of the synergistic potential for the network, like a top-secret new reality show that Ramsay will be appearing in. “I know that you can’t comment on this, necessarily,” Kimmel prefaced, and then went on to show a clip of Ramsay’s new show anyways.

And it’s a perfect fit, too: with all of the programs Ramsay’s been developing for FOX, it makes sense that they’ve asked him to replace that other shouty Brit.

[Jimmy Kimmel Live via Eater]

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