Gordon Ramsay And Former Business Partner Embroiled In Cookware Lawsuit

At some point we think we’re going to have to put together some sort of flow chart depicting all of Gordon Ramsay’s feuds, because he’s nurtured so many over the years, and they’re all so intertwined and complex. This latest one involves Canada, a lawsuit, KMart, and a lot of pots and pans.

Once upon a time in 2009, Ramsay entered into a business partnership with Danny Levy, who owns the Canadian kitchenware firm Sensio, and together they made a tidy sum selling things with Gordon Ramsay’s face on them to KMart. Then one day, Levy thought that he had a binding contract in his partnership with Gordon Ramsay Holdings, which¬†meant that he could sell Ramsay’s stuff forever.

Ramsay, of course, was all “You fucking donkey, there is no binding contract,” and took him to court in an acrimonious lawsuit.

But as they filed writ after writ against each other in countries around the world, as the Daily Mail details, one can’t help but wonder if they looked back fondly at the memories they shared, the fancy Montreal restaurant they ran together until Levy kicked Ramsay out, the times spent designing toaster boxes that eventually formed the basis for their bitter lawsuit, former friends who had turned against each other for the sake of some coffee pots.

Hey, at least it’s not like that time he and his father-in-law brawled in full public view.

[The Daily Mail via Eater]

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