Is Gordon Ramsay Opening Up His Fake Spotted Pig With David Beckham?

If the speculation from Grub Street is true, then this is absolutely how you continue challenging April Bloomfield and Mario Batali after you attempt to trademark the name of their restaurant: bring in an international sports star and sex symbol as your business partner. For example, Gordon Ramsay, he of the airquoted “Spotted Pig”, will soon open a restaurant in London with David Beckham.

Speaking on the eve of his last game with the LA Galaxy (and a horrible failed experiment to make professional soccer A Thing in the US), Beckham revealed to The Sun that he and longtime friend Ramsay had “something in the pipeline.”

“It will be a business thing but owning a restaurant is going to be fun as well,” he’s quoted as saying, though he did not add anything along the lines of “stealing the concept of The Spotted Pig is also super fun.”

On the other hand, it could totally not be The Spotted Pig, and the possible gastropub could simply be your everyday, run-of-the-mill, joint venture run between two internationally-known British celebrities. Since 2010, it’s been rumored that the two had been trying to find ways to run a restaurant together (in particular, a gastropub project called The Queen Vic which never got off the ground), in addition to comparing notes on camera-glowering.

[The Sun via Grub Street NY]

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