First Look: Gordon Ramsay’s Hotel Hell Returns For Season Three

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 12.18.51 PMWhat does Gordon Ramsay like most about Hotel Hell? “Checking out.”

The third season of the show premieres Tuesday, 5/24 and this season, and it has Ramsay traveling to parts of the country he didn’t even know existed to explore and fix struggling hotels. He checks in, meets the team, has a drink at the bar, eats dinner, and then he gets to work. This season, he has to deal with a hoarder hotel owner who keeps clothing in locked closets in the guests’ rooms, deals with a historic inn where rumors about the owners keeps guests from booking rooms, and a family-built castle that is now being run by the ex-wife.

Some of his findings are pretty shocking. At one point, he swabs the floor to test how dirty it is, and the results almost break his machine.

Watch the first look below:


Hotel Hell premieres on Fox on Tuesday, 5/24 at 8:00pm EST.

[image via screengrab]


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