WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Shares His Most Terrifying Hotel Horror Stories

Right before his new series Hotel Hell premiered last night, Gordon Ramsay’s body was in a grody hotel, sitting on a smelly couch “with Pringles down the side.” But his head was in a Google Hangout with editors from HuffPost Live, where he took questions from online participants about why the notorious chef switched gears and focused an entire series on hotels.

Turns out that he got his start in the hospitality industry in a hotel, somewhere between being a footballer and being Marco Pierre White’s protege. But if there’s one thing that Gordon really understands, it’s that the prospect of finding disgusting things in places where people expect to be pampered and comfortable makes for really, really good television.

“I’ve been upset by not just the hygiene, but by the complacency [of hoteliers]. Because they’re in an amazing location, so they’ve got customers at their beck and call,” he explained, and when Janet Varney and Nancy Redd asked him to clarify, he obliged with plenty of horrifying anecdotes.

“When you go away for that romantic weekend, whatever you do, do not accept or take an upgrade to the honeymoon suite,” he warned.

Check the whole thing out by following the link below, especially if you’re into the mental image of a pillowcase that looked “like the Milky Way” as soon as Gordon hit it with a blacklight. You’ll never want to stay in a hotel again after that.

[HuffPost Live]

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