Gordon Ramsay Is More Neurotic Than Kanye West, Claims Out-of-Touch Rum Company

Yes, we are aware that this list of Celebrities Who Need To “Chill Out” The Most is an attempt by Parrot Bay, the official alcoholic beverage of second-rate cruise ships everywhere, to harvest publicity. Yes, we’re pretty grumpy that they succeeded. But according to their list, Gordon Ramsay tops their “Chill-Out” list, and all the way at the bottom at No. 7? Kanye West.

Now, we love and respect the Yeezus, and it’s of our opinion that he’s one of, if not the, best rapper of this generation. (Also, his newborn daughter North West is the sweetest booj, though probably a psychological time bomb.) But let’s compare and contrast their meltdowns to see which one would best benefit from drinking disgustingly sucrose-laden “rum”:

Gordon Ramsay yells at line cooks:

Kanye West punched a paparazzo:

Gordon Ramsay yells at customers:

Kanye West howls incomprehensibly for three minutes straight:

Gordon Ramsay will teach you to make scrambled eggs:

Kanye West — yeah.

[h/t The Huffington Post]

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