WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Calls Hell’s Kitchen Contestant A ‘Lying Bastard’

Gordon Ramsay and his camp may be on the denial train to Georgia, but his tirade on Hell’s Kitchen last night — in which he calls a contestant a “lying bastard” and threatens to “fucking nail him to the fucking post” — didn’t do him any favors.

On last night’s episode, the Boys’ Team suffered an extreme lapse in communication, resulting in Clemenza needing to be told several times to fire two sea bass, and somehow, still only producing one. When Gordon intervened to scold him, Clemenza backpedaled and promised he had another one ready to go (uh, did he think he could cook one in the next three minutes without Chef Ramsay noticing?). Gordon obviously caught him in his lie, and predictably embarked upon a tirade which resulted in his kicking the entire Blue Team out of the kitchen for the remainder of service.

Ultimately, the Girls’ Team didn’t fare much better, and so both teams had to offer up nominations for the chopping block. In the end, Tiffany was sent home for some less than sanitary kitchen habits and a generally blasé attitude toward running a restaurant in the first place.

Check out Clemenza’s painful tongue-lashing below.

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