Does Gordon Ramsay Have Naked Photos Of His Father-In-Law’s Mistress?

Yes, the sheer ridiculosity of that headline strikes us, too. What, you may be thinking, is Gordon Ramsay doing with nudie pics of his father-in-law’s mistress? Well, boys and girls, he’s probably arming himself with all the ammunition he can find for the never-ending parade of lawsuits in which he’s embroiled with his father-in-law and former business partner Chris Hutcheson.

The lady in question, Sara Stewart, reportedly had a five-year affair with Hutcheson and is now suing Gordon for breach of privacy, claiming he hired a private detective to snoop on the couple and take intimate photographs of her during the affair, with the intent of distributing them.

While Gordon admits to having hired a PI, he claims it was simply to tail Chris, “whom he suspected of financial misconduct and reading his personal emails.”

He alluded to the affair in an open letter to his mother-in-law (ouch), but also, according to Stewart, texted her son, “Please tell Sarah [sic] to close her curtains in Ascot there’s a footpath right outside her window. Shots are amazing. Happy to pass the whole ******* lot to the News of the World.”

…Ew. Not an offspring-friendly message, Gordon.

[Daily Mail via Eater]

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