WTF Are Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich & Graham Elliot Doing On The Set Of Glee?

Okay, take some breaths. Because in our heart of hearts, we know that the trio of MasterChef judges are probably only on the Glee set because their show is also on Fox, and they probably share some of the same lots, and they most likely just strolled by for a visit. Because any other explanation is not one we’d be willing to entertain.

Gordon Ramsay just tweeted this photo with the caption “On the set of @GleeonFox with @grahamelliot and @jbastianich. What should our band name be ??”

It would not be okay for them to form a three-piece band that rehearsed at McKinley High. It would not be okay for them to be on the show covering Operation Ivy at Graham Elliot’s request for inexplicable reasons. It would not be okay for Ryan Murphy to write a storyline in which Gordon Ramsay joins Marley’s overweight cafeteria-working mom behind the line to tell off her cruel bully patrons. We’d prefer to keep our celebrity chefs separate from our quirky musical comedy fluff, whenever possible.

Anyone else willing to share an apocalyptic theoretical Glee storyline for Gordon, Graham, and Joe in the comments? Ryan Murphy would be more than happy to steal it without properly crediting you.


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