England’s Channel 4 Finally Renews Gordon Ramsay’s TV Contract

The Sun reports (with a traditionally British cheeky headline) that after a year of being on television probation, Gordon Ramsay has signed a £1 million contract with C4 to keep him on their channel for the next year.

“Cash Gordon’s” future at the channel was reportedly in jeopardy last year for a string of misfortunes: declining ratings across his previously-strong television programs, a report that the anti-shark hunting advocate had himself hunted sharks previously, and the failure of other programs like Gordon’s Great Escape and The F Word.

Though The F Word is pretty much done forever (no more Giles Coren dating pranks?! WHAT?!), Ramsay’s bringing two new programs to the channel: Gordon Behind Bars, the show about cooking in prisons which Ramsay tried to promote while on painkillers that one time, and Hotel Britannia, where Ramsay mentors unemployed people running a hotel. (They can check out anytime they like, but they can’t ever leave.)

No matter what happens to him in England, though, he’ll always be able to find a home in the moneyed bosom of the FOX Network. He’s already doing MasterChef, Kitchen Nightmares, and Hell’s Kitchen, and in August will start airing Hotel Hell, which is pretty much Kitchen Nightmares except with hotels that he visits around the country. Clearly we like you, Gordon! Just move over here already.

[The Sun]

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