Gordon Ramsay Announces Opening Date For The Beckham/Not-Spotted-Pig London Restaurant

After a few legal grapples (such as trademarking the already-famous name “Spotted Pig”) and breaking a few hearts along the way (he knows that the world wants nothing more than a Vegas sports bar owned by him and David Beckham), Gordon Ramsay has a location and an opening date for his newest restaurant, the Union Street Cafe.

Construction has just begun on the Mediterranean-inspired restaurant in Southwark, London, and will open in September of this year. “It’s no secret that Borough Market is one of my favourite places in London,” Ramsay told London SE1. “It’s an area where people are really passionate about food and we’ve invested time in finding the right venue. It is an amazing space and we’re really excited about opening.”

Hooray, etc. But really, the world wants a sports bar where Ramsay and Becks teach English club football fight songs and pour pints of bitter and implore God to Save Their Gracious Queen. We can only dream, can’t we?

[London SE1]

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