Gordon Ramsay Bites Back At Mario Batali And Jamie Oliver Over Spotted Pig-Gate

These are the days after Christmas, and Gordon Ramsay is still running around, making fun of Jamie Oliver and Mario Batali.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Ramsay addressed the drama erupting over his oh-so-coincidental registering of the name “The Spotted Pig” for a restaurant — a name that just so happened to belong to April Bloomfield and her investor, a certain Schmario Schmatali.

‘This Mario Batali in the States – I’ve never met the guy,” he said, claiming that the name mixup was an innocent mistake. “We have a bit of banter, and I think it’s the same in sports. You know, whether it’s Man City and Man United or whether it’s boxers, you’ve got to keep up that competitive spirit. Is it malicious? No – is it hell.’

But as to Oliver, who called him out on Twitter and was thus dubbed a “Twitter Hater,” he dialed up his scorn for the man he once called smelly and fat.

“It grates me when Jamie keeps going on about, ‘Oh my God, he swears so much and it must be dreadful for his children,'” Ramsay groused. “Get over it. I don’t walk in the house and swear. Jesus, if only you knew the kind of discipline there is in my house, and how cool and relaxed it is. So you can’t win. Either way you cannot win. You just have to button it and shut up.”

[The Daily Mail via Huffington Post]

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