Icelandic Diners Booted To Make Room For Ramsay, Respond In Hilarious Icelanglish

We at The Braiser have a sincere, heart-warming love for the people of Scandinavia — particularly the eccentric aunt of Scandinavia known as Iceland. The island nation, home to only 320,000 people (one of them being Björk), boasts an impressive dining scene — and, consequently, diners who don’t like being treated badly in favor of some Fancy Gordon Ramsay swaggering into their restaurant and stealing their seats.

We also love the way that Icelandic people express themselves, whether in the undulating cries of Björk, or in the words of Herdís Stefánsdóttir, who recalled on Facebook how she and her fellow diners were treated unfairly at Reykjavik’s Loftið Bar when a “silly” group of waitresses kicked two tables out so that “famous people” could sit there instead. The post ended up with 565+ “likes” on Facebook, which, considering the population of Iceland, makes that post practically viral.

We’re sure that it makes more furious sense in the original Icelandic, but when the News of Iceland translated it into English, the result is sort of adorable and we’re in love with it.

“Most of the people laughed to begin with and thought the waitresses were joking. We then went to the bar to finish our drinks so we could go somewhere else… When we were leaving we passed the celebs, Gordon Ramsey and friends. And what irony, to be almost kicked out of a place for Gordon Ramsay, whose job is often to assist restaurants that make the same mistake as Loftið bar, to make the average customer feel unwelcome.”

Stefánsdóttir then closes her rant with the money quote of the day: “Congratulations Loftið, you deserve 100% to be the ‘silly shivers of the month.'”

We have no idea what “silly shivers” means, nor can we fully explain Iceland’s preoccupation with silliness. But we applaud Stefánsdóttir for calling out a very silly restaurant, indeed. Also, we love the phrase “silly shivers” and hope we never find out what it means. It’s so perfect and beautiful on its own, without context, without explanation, a turn of phrase that has emerged perfectly formed from the forehead of Björk.

Also, Kitchen Nightmares: Iceland Edition anytime soon?

[News of Iceland]

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