WATCH: Grace Coddington Makes Meat & Potatoes With Elettra Wiedemann, Proves That Models Like Food

We’re tired of fashionable hot bitches pretending that they don’t like eating. (We’re looking at you, Pretty Little Liars.) So every time we see a model have a good relationship with food, we’re so happy that we forget to eat for days.

That was a joke. But we’re fans of Karlie Kloss’ pastry-based BFFship with Christina Tosi, and we’re thrilled to see Uber Fashion Bitches model Elettra Wiedemann and Vogue creative director Grace Coddington making a real, meat-and-potatoes dish for (Really, it’s steak and potatoes dauphinois.) Fashion people! Eating meat! And not sushi! Why are fashion people always eating sushi? Don’t get us wrong, sushi’s great, but seriously, guys, overfishing is a major ecological problem. Potatoes are forever.

Anyway, here’s Wiedemann talking with Coddington about her exceptional life.

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