Graham Elliot Introduces His Newborn, Twitterverse Collectively ‘Aww’s

MasterChef judge and Michelin-starred Chicago chef Graham Elliot announced the arrival of the newest addition to the Elliot clan via Twitter this morning.

Wee little Jebediah was “dropped off by the stork,” as Graham put it, yesterday, and joins his brothers Mylo and Conrad in what appears to be the makings of an Elliot family luge team. How long till Graham has the boys on the line at Grahamwich, g.e.b., or the Michelin-starred Graham Elliot?

Both Baby Jebediah and mom Allie are doing well according to Graham’s tweet, and we can’t help but notice that the uncanny resemblance to pops in the photo provided.

Adorbz. Congrats, family!


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