Today On Twitter: Ty-Flo’s Unicorn Socks, Graham Elliot In A Cheerios Uniform & A Day In The Life Of The Riperts

On an otherwise sleepy-news-day-summer-Tuesday (journo lingo, guys)*, Twitter has gifted us photo glimpses into the bizarre daily lives of a few of our favorite chefs. Here’s all the weirdness you’ve been missing on Twitter today.

*In case you’re unaware of the aforementioned doldrums, we’ve taken some of our spare time to compose a song looping you into our misery. Because no one likes insider baseball.

Sleepy News Day (Summer Tuesday)
–lyrics by Tina Nguyen

The summer rain’s a-fallin’ ever gently on the streets
Celebrities stop cookin’, and they stop composin’ tweets
The heat makes ev’ryone dead and sluggish, the web is filled with silence
And now our top performing blog post is Saatchi-Lawson violence

It’s a —
Sleepy News Day
It’s a —
Summer Tuesday
It’s a —
Day where all we do is shop for summer clothes

Yes, it’s a —
Sleepy News Day
On a —
Foggy June Day,
And we’re writing songs for blog posts about mid-season replacement shows.

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