WATCH: Graham Elliot Reveals Gordon Ramsay’s Chivalrous Side

Sure, MasterChef shows us the softer side of Gordon Ramsay. For one thing, he isn’t prepping anyone for life at the helm of a brigade, like he is on Hell’s Kitchen. Instead, we see the relatively gentle, patient, nurturing Ramsay coaching homecooks with what appears to be an appropriate amount of tough love. Here at The Braiser, we’ve coined this version of the shouty chef “Gordon Lamb-say.”

But Graham Elliot says his gentleness extends far beyond being almost polite to MasterChef contestants. His co-host insists that, in real life, Gordon is downright accommodating — always the first to give up his seat when someone enters a room full of chairs, or something. We’re not sure. We were so confused by the idea of Chivalrous Gordon Ramsay that we may have experienced some type of neurological lapse. Check out the clip of Graham on Good Day Chicago below for more behind-the-scenes deets from the casting process of MasterChef.

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