WATCH: Grant Achatz is the Prophet of MSG (And Salt, and Pepper Too)

The way that Grant Achatz talks about MSG, salt, and pepper is a little akin to how drug addicts probably talk about their favorite drug. JK, we know you’re not addicted to MSG, Achatz.

Still, Achatz gets a little intense when talking with Tasting Table about the three ingredients he couldn’t live without: salt, pepper, and MSG. Everyone’s quick to hate on MSG, he realizes — “you don’t even want to get in a conversation with me about umami” — but defends the powder for its flavor components. Armed with all three ingredients, you can season anything properly, Achatz says.

Achatz leads executive editor Karen Palmer through an MSG tasting just to prove everyone wrong. But he also really, really loves salt. And black pepper! It’s Sophie’s choice, he can’t choose between them. Achatz says he doesn’t cook with MSG often at Alinea or Next, but he’s a believer and uses it at home.

Watch Achatz geek out about three little powders — just kiddinggggg, Achatz. But you should probably team up with David Chang to preach the good word of MSG.

Grant Achatz on MSG, Salt & Pepper from Tasting Table on Vimeo.

[Tasting Table]

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