Grant Achatz Rebuilt His Own Damn Sexy Muscle Car

Did you know that world-famous chef Grant Achatz spent many years and thousands of dollars rebuilding this hot red 1970 Pontiac GTO? Has your mental image of the remarkably fastidious chef changed instantly? Can you reconcile the quiet chef with the type of guy who would Danny Zuko all over the place with slicked-back greaser hair? Would it make you feel better to learn that he told the Wall Street Journal that his work on the car helped him gain the discipline needed to become a world-famous chef?

When I was 14, my father and I purchased the car. We were living in St. Clair, Mich., and we bought it from a guy in Flint. It was in boxes and we did a full restoration. My dad and I went at it every day for two years—stripping it down to nothing, rebuilding the motor. It cost us $1,400 when we bought it. But by the end, it was more like $10,000. A lot of what I learned then, I use now. It’s in the way I cook—the meticulous approach, the methodical deconstructing and reassembling.

We were wondering where Achatz got that fancy getaway car in the Next Vegan trailer! We thought he stole it from a meat-eater or something.

[The Wall Street Journal]

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