WATCH: Grey’s Anatomy Alerts Us To The Dangers Of Liquid Nitrogen Cocktails


Grey’s Anatomy also alerts us to the dangers of having sorostitutes as your only confidantes in college.

In a ripped from the headlines case — remember that girl in The UK who had to have her stomach removed after ingesting an improperly made liquid nitrogen cocktail on her 18th birthday? — a gaggle of sorority girls comes into Seattle Grace with their friend suffering from extreme abdominal pain. Does Seattle even have colleges with active Greek Life? We digress.

Poor Dr. Kepner is stuck trying to extract information from the Drunkerslut Twins, while their friend pukes up blood, and does some excellent moan-acting. (We count zero actual lines spoken.)

Once the mystery of visiting a molecular mixology bar with a liquid nitrogen cocktail called “The Smoky Nipple” is solved, homegirl has to get her stomach removed, too. On the bright side, her sorority sisters point out, she’ll be super thin!

All in all, this went way worse than that time the men of the Pawnee Parks Department visited Eagleton’s molecular mixology joint. We’re still looking for a place that gives scotch manicures.

Check out Grey’s Anatomy’s foray into molecular mixology below (plus bonus April/Jackson tension that just won’t quit). And beware of molecular amateurs. If at all possible, in fact, just confirm they have chemistry degrees. Your move, Blais.

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