Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini Thief Claims He Cannot Get Fair Trial Due To Notorious Reputation As An Idiot

The lawyers for Max Wade, an 18-year-old man charged with theft of Guy Fieri’s yellow Lamborghini (as well as a tiny extra charge of attempted murder), have filed to change the trial venue, as they claim that he cannot get a fair trial due to the publicity surrounding the case.

According to the Marin Independent Journal, Wade’s lawyer, Charles Dresow, filed a motion to change trial venues, arguing that the publicity surrounding the “relatively minor matter of the auto theft is overshadowing the extremely serious charges of attempted murder.”

“Mr. Wade has been vilified as everything that is wrong with the overprivileged youth of Marin County,” Dresow claimed. “So much emotion and passion surrounds the issue that Mr. Wade will be unable to find a fair and impartial jury in Marin County.”

Considering the allegation that he tried to murder a girl who rejected him by shooting at her and her boyfriend from a motorcycle, while they were sitting in a truck, that is maybe a good idea! What else: the part where his friends tried to break him out of prison by using Shawshank Great Escape techniques. After all that, rappelling into a car dealership and stealing Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini — we mean, come on, how are we not supposed to look at everything else?

OK, fine, we’ll concede to that Sixth Amendment, innovent until proven guilty, “the cornerstone of American justice rests on an impartial jury” stuff. But Max Wade stills seems like an idiot.

[Marin Independent Journal via Eater]

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