comScore Dominique Ansel to Open Bakery in Tokyo

Guess Where Dominique Ansel Will Open His Next Bakery — Tokyo

And he announced it with a Cronut.

From Instagram, Dominique Ansel shared the big news:

Dear Tokyo! Yes – it is true. We will be opening our first international store (and second store in the world) here in Japan. This is something that means a lot to me and a city that every pastry chef aspires to. I’m grateful to our partners: TSI Holdings and Transit General (whom you may know for their accomplishments in fashion and food). Our location: Omotesando Hills. And a timeline of next summer 2015. There will be something created just for Tokyo, and I will personally see every aspect of development. I can’t wait to personally welcome everyone on opening day.

Interesting that Ansel glazed over (get it?) every other major American city, and even Europe to go straight for Japan. (Guess the rest of the U.S. will have to rely on crazed Internet ordering, which will never go well.) We’re sure Ansel will find all the creativity he might need to make his Tokoyo bakery a hit.


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The Cronut Turns One Tomorrow

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