WATCH: Guy Fieri And Rachael Ray’s PhD Dissertation On Freezer Foods

Did you guys know that Rachael Ray does a Q & A edition of her show every once in awhile called Q & rAy?

But of course, you did. Well, today, she brought on a bunch of food TV stars to answer viewer questions, but perhaps none were so deftly handled as a pressing freezer food query posed to Guy Fieri and the lovely hostess. A new mom named Spring (yeah, we almost quit at that point, too) asked about meals that freeze well for leftovers, now that she has a bouncing bundle of spit-up and tears occupying 97% of her time. As if she skipped college and this is the only subject with which she can prove her considerable intellect, Rachael Ray launches into the most thorough freezer cooking dissertation of all time. Guy can barely keep up and throws in some lame afterthoughts, but, for the most part, he’s just as stunned as we are.

Rachael knows some things, guys. Things about baking are not among those things, but about base sauces, chilis, soups, and stews, and their proper storage and lifespan — homegirl’s a fountain of knowledge. It almost gives us hope that one day we’ll be able to put to good use that 5,000-word essay we wrote about how Laguna Beach fundamentally changed the landscape of reality TV.

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