WATCH: Guy Fieri Brushes Rachael Ray’s Teeth With Strawberries

Guy Fieri co-hosted The Rachael Ray Show this morning in honor of the upcoming Rachael vs. Guy Celebrity Cookoff, which premieres this Sunday on Food Network. Along with staging a mini-cookoff against an adorable married couple out of the audience, Rachael and Guy had some home experts on the show, showing off the unusual beauty perks of regular kitchen items.

One pro-tip we picked up is that strawberries have teeth-whitening enzymes. Great! You know what we didn’t need? A demo of strawberries being crushed in a mortar and pestle, followed by Guy picking up a handful with his fingers and smearing them across Rachael Ray’s teeth. We couldn’t make this up if we tried.

Hygiene is great. Unconventional hygiene is even okay. A live demonstration of it by Fieri and Ray is among the top ten unnecessary TV moments we could ever imagine.

Check out the clip below, if you can stomach it.

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