WATCH: Guy Fieri Offers To Switch Places With A Very Giddy Colin Farrell

When Irish heartthrob Colin Farrell recently visited Jay Leno, he probably didn’t expect the late night host to pull up a tweeted photo of Farrell cradling his newborn food baby. Turns out that Farrell recently came back from a road trip, where he’d followed Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Drives’s “Triple-D” map across America, and gained eleven pounds over fifteen days.  “I love that show,” he proclaimed, while also lamenting that his belly button now looked like a bottle cap.

Normally we’d be furious that Fieri was partially responsible for disfiguring a paragon of loveliness, but we can’t stay too mad after he offered to bleach Farrell’s hair and let him be a guest host on Triple-D:

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