WATCH: Guy Fieri Weighs In On The Gloves Vs Handwashing In Food Service Debate On The Talk

You know who’s secretly the perfect candidate to weigh in on the debate raging amongst germophobes everywhere over whether or not chefs should be required to wear gloves when preparing food to prevent contamination hazards? Guy Fieri! Who knew?

He settled into the middle seat of honor (The Iron Throne?) amongst the ladies on The Talk to guest-host the show in place of Sharon Osbourne, who was off today. (Those girls really love Guy. This is his second co-hosting gig this summer!) Julie Chen brought up the great latex glove debate, and Guy performed his duty to chefs everywhere by pointing out that it’s important for chefs to interact with food in a tactile manner in order to understand textures, etc.

Eventually the ladies (even Phobic Mcphoberstein Julie Chen) agreed with him in saying that it was more a regular handwashing issue than a glove issue. See: “Magic Glove Syndrome,” explained below.

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