WATCH: Rachael Ray Accidentally Calls Guy Fieri Her ‘Sister From Another Mister’

Hey! Rachael Ray knows about slang! She’s hip to your game! She’s down with the swirl! (No, Rachael, that doesn’t mean what you think it — never mind.)

Naturally, hilarity ensued when Guy Fieri stopped by The Rachael Ray Show this close to the holidaze to demo his favorite Christmas meal. What happens when Christmas makes a detour through Flavortown? Thankfully, no donkey sauce. But we’ll get to that.

First, Rachael intro-ed Guy as her “sister from another mister,” because it’s really cute when white parents try to be hip-hop. So cute.

He barely made it around the corner for his entrance before losing it in a fit of giggles. She frantically backtracked and tried to explain that she meant no disrespect to his masculinity, but, oh, Rachael. It’s too late.

And for those of you who were curious, Guy’s holiday meal is a mashed-potato-and-stuffing-stuffed turkey roll-up with mushroom gravy. Mmm, just like Mom used to make! Check out parts one and two of his appearance below. Bonus: you get a sweet walk-through of Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar which features him schmoozing patrons.

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