WATCH: Guy Fieri and Jay Leno Make Ball Jokes on Tonight Show

Thanksgiving meatballs or just your plain ole’ Italian meatballs, there’s always plenty of opportunity to crack a few ball jokes while on the late-night circuit.

Guy Fieri made some Thanksgiving flavored meatballs with Jay Leno last night to promote his new show, in which we learned that Leno has no idea what sauteed mushrooms look like (he guessed fly larvae) and that we’ll never hear the end of Rob Ford. (From Leno: “Get this for the mayor of Toronto — crack pepper!” HAHAHAHA um…..) We also got to see Fieri slide by a racist crack from Leno as they were pulverizing butter crackers for the meatballs. “You’d like to pound some crackers?” says Leno. “Thanks for dragging me into that,” Fieri says slyly without commenting further. Leno kept saying it AGAIN to his offstage, but we can’t figure out to whom. Last night’s other guest was Bill O’Reilly… So…

But of course, the real joke of it all was the plentiful ball jokes. Big balls, wet balls, juggling balls — you get it.

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