WATCH: Guy Fieri Talks Cooking With Drake And His Holiday ‘Jack-nog’ Recipe

Guy Fieri was in Toronto recently doing a charity cooking competition on behalf of Mount Sinai Hospital and cancer research, and he was paired up with none other than Drizzy as his celeb cooking partner. (We’ve already exhausted our Drake jokes here.)

A minor web frenzy ensued after an Instagrammed photo of the two in the kitchen began circulating, and Guy tried explaining on VH1’s Morning Buzz that he texted Drake to find out where the photo came from, but it is, in fact, a mystery. Wait. We MUST have misheard; Guy Fieri texted Drake. Yes. Yes, he did. Apparently, Drake has mad kitchen skills and could totally publish a cookbook if he wanted to.

We also heard the most predictable Thanksgiving story of all time: Guy made a whopping eight turkeys, two hams, and two strip loins for his 60-person Thanksgiving dinner. So. Many. Ovens.

Then, he talked about how he “spent of a lot of time” “designing” his Big Bite Burger (LTOP = design, you guys, obviously) at Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar, and demoed his holiday beverage of choice: Jack-nog.

Check out parts one and two of his appearance below.

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