WATCH: Wendy Williams Reveals Early Guy Fieri Photos From His Corey Feldman Phase

Wendy Williams invited Guy Fieri to make a guest appearance on her show yesterday, and, while she was busy gushing over how he’s a man of the people and praising him for how well he connects to fans, she seemed to miss a big milestone in the Guy Fieri origin story. Wendy neither knew that he was a product of Food Network Star, nor had she even heard of the show before.

Guy patiently explained it to her as “the American Idol of food,” and she quickly categorized him as “the Carrie Underwood” of the competition on the grounds that he was able to cross genres. It’s a little unclear on what genres he’s crossing, but okay.

Bonus: young Guy Fieri (ie., pre-platinum spikes) photos. In what will prove to be the shock of the century, it turns out Guy had a dark Corey Feldman mullet back in the day. We told you. Shocking.

Check out the clip below.

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