Guy Fieri Backpedals, Wants Everyone to Keep in Mind His Restaurant Is Just a ‘Licensing Deal’

In a Las Vegas Weekly article about Guy Fieri’s new restaurant opening on The Strip, Guy both calls the interviewer “bro” and utters with painful earnestness the words “let’s be real honest about what this is.” But he also addressed the Pete Wells questionnaire/review of his Times Square restaurant read ’round the world, and wishes to keep us all honest, bro. Said Guy:

“I only do things the best I can do them in the moment that I’m doing them. Have I learned from that experience? Yes. But I was doing the best I could do. Also, remember it’s a licensing deal. I’m the chef, I make the recipes, I make the idea and I give it to a group. Let’s be realistic about what this was. But there was nothing realistic about what was being said. You know, you take it; it hurts; it’s a bummer. But whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

And let’s not forget, if we’re getting really real, that Guy just had his first movie cameo and has “two of the biggest shows on Food Network and one of the longest-running.”

Guy Fieri: Redefining Realness.

[Las Vegas Weekly h/t Grub Street]

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