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Man Gets Guy Fieri’s Face Tattooed On His Leg, Guy Fieri Thinks It’s Awesome

Chefs who get pork tattoos? Bad ass. Civilians who get tattoos of spiky-headed Food Network host’s faces? Failures. Tattoo idiots. Tattoo losers. But the worst part is, the guy who now proudly carries a terrible Guy Fieri tattoo on his leg will continue to get laid. His girlfriend tweeted a pic of his new ink, which was accompanied by the caption, “My boyfriend has just got @GuyFieri’s face on his leg. This is probably the most awesome news I’ve ever heard.” You know what, girlfriend sucks too.

Guy Fieri, in turn, dedicated his 1000th tweet to the couple, which was to be expected, and promised to send the tattoo idiot a copy of his new book Food: Cookin’ It, Livin’ It, Lovin’ It.

How would Anthony Bourdain respond to someone getting a tattoo of his face? He would tell you you were a moron and probably issue a restraining order. At least that’s what we would do.


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