Guy Fieri Will Testify in Against Teen Who Stole His Lamborghini

Oh, this case just got juicier: it looks like Guy Fieri will in fact be testifying against the teenager who stole his 2008 Lamborghini last year. reports that Marin County will wrap up its case with a closing tidbit from Fieri, just to settle the score in the case against Max Wade. Wade is on trial for the auto theft, but is also facing more serious charges of attempted murder. Prosecutors say that Wade pulled up to a car with his unrequited crush and her then-boyfriend, and shot five times through the window. He was then arrested at the storage facility where police found the Lamborghini, along. Wade’s defense team still maintains that Wade did not commit a crime.

Of course, don’t expect Fieri to get all up in this Law & Order business for too long; Patch says he won’t be in court too long. Will his appearance and testimony seal the fate of Max Wade? We’ll be watching.


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