WATCH: 3 Best Hipster Reactions To Guy Fieri’s Williamsburg Restaurant Opening

Remember all those Brooklynites who flocked to Guy’s American Kitchen + Bar in Times Square after the now-infamous New York Times pan to drown their artsy sorrows in his hydrochloric margarita ironically? Enter Late Night Basement, to provide them with a strong dose of their own medicine. In this video, a man-on-the-street reporter approaches innocent “hipsters” (term used as loosely as a broken pesto) to get their opinion on the (fake) upcoming Williamsburg location of a new Guy Fieri restaurant. The three best responses, in no particular order are as follows.

In response to the menu item nacho cheese-fattened foie gras:

“It sounds at first like it could be the anti-artisanal movement, in a weird way.”

In response to the question “So you don’t support the fact that the dudes from Vampire Weekend are helping him with the menu?”:

“I’d have to take a really strong stand on that and not buy anymore Vampire Weekend albums.”

And our personal favorite:

“I’m not really into the whole fucked out, over-commercialized celebrity chefdom.”

We’ll see ourselves out.

[h/t Grub Street]

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