WATCH: Guy Fieri Claims He Can Bring World Peace With a BBQ ‘Namaste Meal’

When Guy Fieri walks down the street in Midtown Manhattan, he’s swarmed by fans. Of course, the swarm might have something to do with the CBS This Morning camera crew surrounding him, or the fact that he’s walking through a tourist mecca, but for the purposes of this profile, he’s basically Jay-Z.

CBS also points out that his Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is the most-watched show on Food Network, which, for the record, is the real jagged little pill Alanis Morrisette was referring to on that one album of your youth. (Really, though? The most-watched? We’re secretly gunning that much harder for Justin Warner’s new show to edge out Triple D like he’s been plotting.)

And just when Guy starts to soften us up with his spiel about how mom ‘n’ pop restaurants build up our country’s young chefs, the package cuts to him chuckling about how the legs of the bald eagle on his new restaurant logo are plastered with beer labels.

But hold the phone and check your snark at the door; Guy’s a big believer in moderation, and was raised on tofu by his hippie parents. That whole Diplomatic Chefs’ Corps thing? Totally Guy Fieri’s idea!

“We have trouble getting countries to get along? Let’s just have a big cookout. Bring some world leaders together. I’ll bring the barbecue,” he claims. “World peace. The namaste meal.”

Check out his plans below.

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