Brilliant Troll Buys Domain Name Of Guy’s American Kitchen And Bar, Puts ‘Guy’s Big Balls’ On Menu

For some reason, as they were developing their multimedia PR campaign for Guy’s American Bar And Grill, Guy Fieri’s publicity team overlooked one crucial detail: they didn’t buy every single doman name that could possibly be associated with an infamously bad restaurant. Currently, you can get to the main site for the restaurant through the URL (possibly because they believe that Real Amurricans can’t type long URLs), but when you go to, you get a different site…but with arguably the exact same menu.

Of course, this is a menu with class items such as “The Hobo Lobo Bordello Slam Jam Appetizer,” the “Olive Garden Side Salad,” and, most aptly, “Guy’s Big Balls”:

Sunggle up to two 4-pound, Rice-a-Roni-crusted mozzarella balls endangered with shaved lamb and pork and blasted with Guy’s signature Cadillac cream sauce until dripping off the plate. Served nestled inside a tempura-fried pickle with a side of maximum well-done duck skin. Extra Wet Naps: $3.50

Gawker credits this brilliant menu (where you can order something called “Football!!!!!”, really) to one Bryan Mytko, a NYC-based programmer who explained that he registered the domain name for funsies. “I think this new menu look great,” he tweeted.

Our only question is: why didn’t you bring back the blue margarita that glows like nuclear waste? It needs to exist somewhere in the world.

[Guy’s American Bar and Grill, h/t Gawker]

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