Vicitimized Reality Star Lost His Egg Salad Recipe in Woody Allen-Inspired Heist (Updated)

*UPDATE: Gawker confirms our earlier reported suspicions this story is based on a Woody Allen classic.*

Picking up the plot of Woody Allen’s What’s Up Tiger Lily? 48 years later, Hamptons police are calling for the public’s assistance in retrieving “the best egg salad recipe in the world.”

Per Dan’s Papers‘ police blotter:

Sergio Eisalat, a reality TV star renting in the Hamptons this summer, called police last week to report a theft. According to police, Eisalat claimed he had an extremely valuable egg salad recipe in a briefcase at the house, and when he went to retrieve it, presumably to make egg salad for brunch, the recipe was missing.”

For insurance purposes, Eisalat — who may or may not be related to the Grand Exalted High Majah of Raspur — valued the unsaved recipe he’s since forgotten at $4,000 (which pales in comparison to its Kickstarter potato salad brethren). Adjusted for inflation, the egg salad recipe secret agent Phil Moscowitz pursued in Allen’s film debut would’ve been worth $541.65 in 1966 dollars.

[Dan’s Papers]

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