The Creators Of The Hangover To Film TV Pilot Based On Sexy Mixology Bar

It was a matter of time before mixology went from being the butt of a Tom Haverford joke, to a smoldering hot thing worthy of a network drama.  Earlier this month Deadline broke the news that Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the writing duo behind The Hangover, were casting for a pilot called Mixology — and cast three of their leads yesterday.

How sexy is this pilot? This sexy:

Set in the world of a sexy Manhattan bar, the high-concept Mixology chronicles the exploits of singles, five guys and five girls, in search of love — all over the course of one night.

So essentially, it’s The Hangover meeting Love Actually at The Aviary, and making a baby on the bartop. Lovely.

The show’s already cast three of its lead roles — Blake Lee (Parks & Recreation), Andrew Santino and Mercedes Masohn — and are still auditioning for lead actors. The show’s promise can easily be encapsulated by the co-creators’ own words, as spoken to Deadline when their pilot was first greenlighted:

“We’ve been working in features for a while, and we couldn’t be more excited to now bring our trademark brand of lame dialogue, thin characters, and gimmicky concepts to television,” Lucas said.
Added Moore: “Television is definitely in a Golden Era. But with a little hard work, we think we can get that down to silver or bronze.”

[Deadline via Grub Street]

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