WATCH: How Much Do You Want To Bet That This Iberico Ham Hannibal Scene Was Jose Andrés’ Favorite?

We don’t know a lot of dudes who run around with a supply of whole Iberico ham hocks. In fact only two come to mind: one is Jose Andrés, and one is Hannibal Lecter, in this scene from last night’s episode of NBC’s Hannibal. Because who else can afford a $96 per pound ham? Of course, Andrés is the culinary consultant on the show, and we’re willing to wager that he got to do a little writing for this scene, in which the history and many, many virtues of Iberico ham are extolled.

We’re pretty sure this is real ham and not person “ham”, one, because we don’t think anyone can get a human leg to look like a pig’s leg, and two, because we don’t think Hannibal imprisoned a victim and sustained him or her solely on a diet of acorns and olives before slaughter to mimic Iberico ham’s unique flavor.

But you be the judge. Check out the ham porn below.

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