Hannibal’s Food Stylist Hosting A Themed Pop-Up Dinner In Toronto, Having Friends For Dinner

We don’t have Jose Andrés, solely, to thank for the beauteous cannibalistic creations on NBC’s Hannibal, which was just renewed for a second season, in spite of his fancy title of Culinary Consultant. Slightly further behind the scenes is Janice Poon, a cleaning-calf-livers-in-her-parents’-restaurant-as-a-small-child original gangster.

Eatocracy profiles her in a piece accompanied by a slideshow of some of the work she does that winds up on the cutting room floor. (The baby bird skulls on the vegetarian salad? Genius.)

Turns out her culinary prowess on the show has spawned a pop-up dinner in Toronto on June 18th, with Chef Matt Kantor, who previously staged pop-ups at elBulli, making dishes inspired by the ones she creates on Hannibal. So to recap: that’s non-human protein, made to look like human protein, made to look like non-human protein. Tasty!

According to her blog, the meal will feature seven to eight tasting courses with dishes like “Brain Ravioli with Beurre Brun, Deep-fried Lamb Intestine on Panisse, Flambeed Spleen with Apples, Lamb Tongues en Papillote, Humano (veal) Tonato, Blood Sausage Cassoulet, and Chocolate Blood Tarte.”

Tickets will run you $150, but think of the Instagrammable gratification! Find out more here.

[Janice Poon Art h/t Eatocracy]

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