Tonight In Food TV: Hannibal Serves Up The Amuse-Bouche

Hannibal’s Series Premiere last week was uncomfortably entitled “Aperitif,” and this week, we’re on to the next course with “Amuse-Bouche”. From the sneak peek below, we have the possibility of any of the following things to look forward to: Gillian Anderson’s introduction as a blonde, Hannibal sniffing Will Graham, Hannibal throwing a lavish dinner party for unsuspecting guests with people-chops, and/or some scary moose/elk/reindeer hallucinations.

For more on Hannibal’s food stylings, brought to us by Jose Andres himself, check out NBC’s behind-the-scenes food featurette with Jose and producer Bryan Fuller here. You can also catch the food porniest moments from the Series Premiere here.

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