WATCH: Don’t Worry, Hannibal’s Foie Gras Au Torchon Was From An ‘Ethical Butcher’

Not gonna lie; we’ve been waiting for Hannibal’s culinary consultant Jose Andres to get a liver dish on the table since the series started. Sadly, we didn’t get the iconic fava-bean-paired-with-chianti dish, but it’s also too soon to drop that bomb. This is a prequel, after all.

Instead, while treating Jack Crawford and his wife to dinner, Dr. Lecter prepared “a masterpiece foie gras au torchon with a late harvest of vidal sauce, with dried and fresh figs.” Jack’s wife refuses the course on the grounds of animal cruelty, but Hannibal sweetly reassures her that he only employs the most ethical of butchers. All the blankets in the world couldn’t have warmed the chill that went down our spines last night. Check out the clip below.

And in case you were a little confused by episode continuity, NBC pulled the episode entitled “Ceuf,” originally scheduled to air last night, because of its sensitive subject matter in light of the Boston Marathon bombing. The case the episode dealt with apparently involved kids being brainwashed to kill other kids. But, NBC made the scenes relevant to the show’s mythology and continuity available online as a mini web-series. In the two clips below, Hannibal serves up boudin noir and plays Abigail Hobbs’ ‘shroom spirit guide over breakfast-for-dinner. Care to hazard any guesses as to the cuts of meat used?

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