WATCH: Hannibal Soothes The Sick With Creepy Black Chicken Soup

Our most memorable experience with black chicken was Grayson Schmitz’s bloody black chicken claw with the sunny side up quail egg “representing the unborn fetus” on Top Chef: Texas’ Snow White and the Huntsman-inspired creepy dinner challenge. Need a refresher? Bravo helpfully posted the recipe, for all your late-night black chicken cravings.

You know what proves that no one in the Western world ever has black chicken cravings? The fact that Hannibal Lecter made black chicken soup for an ailing Will Graham on last night’s Hannibal.

“Silkie chicken in a broth,” Dr. Lecter presented. “A black-boned bird prized in China for its medicinal values since the seventh century. Wolfberries, ginseng, ginger, red dates, and star anise.”

How does a bird that looks this cute IRL have such freaky-looking flesh?!

Check out a clip of the soup below. Yeah, probably don’t bring this to your BFF next time they have a fever and/or are hallucinating.

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