Happy 51st Birthday, Barack Obama! Have A Slice Of This GOP Cake

Today is President Barack Obama’s birthday, and while he’s off playing a relaxing round of golf (with a nervous aide in the background handcuffed to the nuclear football, ready to destroy the world if need be), his GOP opponents in the presidential election are sending him cheeky cakes.

“Happy Birthday, Barack Obama,” the Republican National Committee wrote on a vanilla cake with Obama’s face laser-printed onto the frosting. “You didn’t bake this.”

Chortling over the cleverness of their witty remark referencing a gaffe Obama made earlier in the election cycle about Mitt Romney’s tax plan, they sent the cake over to their counterparts at the Democratic National Committee, who were quite unamused by the juvenile antics of the GOP.

So they sent the cake back, along with a tweet about Mitt Romney being sort of like Marie Antoinette in his response to the middle class: “Let them eat cake!”

Oh, ho ho ho! This is like Cupcake Wars, except with the greatest country in the history of the world at stake.

[Obama Foodorama]


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