Happy 65th Birthday, Ina Garten!

We have a theory that there’s something about being a food television host that prevents aging — and it’s not that they have good makeup artists. For instance, let’s look at Ina Garten, who celebrates her 65th birthday today and really does not look 65 at all, seriously.

She spends her days puttering around an enormous garden, cooking enormous piles of bruschetta, bathing in olive oil, quaffing resveratrol-filled bottles of red wine. Her kitchen set is drenched in natural sunlight, but without all those horrible UV rays and such. Everything around her likely smells like fresh-baked bread. Aristotle — or any sane human being, really — would call this the “good life,” reducing stress and allowing her to age like a fine wine. (Then again, Garten lives somewhere in the Hamptons, a place where time does not exist, so that might be the secret.)

Others who illustrate this theory include Nigella Lawson (53?!) and Martha Stewart (71!!!!) Please, Ina, won’t you come up to our garden hedge and invite us over for some white wine? We want to learn your secrets.

Oh, and happy birthday!

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