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Happy Birthday, Incanto! Chris Cosentino’s Restaurant Turns 10

Yesterday, Chris Cosentino celebrated a very happy tenth birthday for his legendary restaurant Incanto. Though he’s only been with Incanto for nine years, we’re all going to celebrate the fact that it’s been around for ten years, because a restaurant existing for that long without becoming a has-been is A Pretty Big Deal.

“It’s been a great ride so far,” he tweeted, “but it’s just the beginning!!”

He also thanked the Incanto team, giving a shout-out to one particular Hector who has officially been on Cosentino’s team the longest. On the menu that night: a beef heart tartare with foie gras and summer truffes, and a rigatoni alla carbonara.

Cosentino, who made his name at the San Francisco restaurant, is renowned for his usage of every animal part you can think of in his Italian cuisine (he once served a chocolate blood pudding with real blood and somehow people loved it, so there you go.)  He’s also renowned for his bike riding, his butchery, and his ability to shame us whenever we get uppity.

Man, today seems like it’s full of tens, isn’t it? Hell’s Kitchen’s airing its tenth season, Cosentino’s restaurant is turning ten, and Cat Cora is going to judiciously hand out tens at the Miss USA Pageant tonight.

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